How Much Is A Pollo Tropical Franchise Cost? Detailed Guide

The Pollo tropical is one of those restaurants that follow the quick-service concept, and that is why these restaurants are popular in the country. The restaurant is an incredible business opportunity as the pollo tropical franchise has established credibility and profitable revenue.

The restaurant specializes in serving healthy chicken meals, which many people love because the chicken is free from trans-fat and hormones.

They are famous for various things like signature grilled chicken, guava barbeque ribs, mojo pork and the world-famous Tropichops. Meals provided by them are healthy and Caribbean-inspired. They offer customers a unique tropical feel with the food with a unique restaurant atmosphere.

Pollo tropical franchise is famous worldwide. It serves around 20M people in at least 120 locations, including Honduras, Ecuador, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Florida, etc. You might be worried about how much is a pollo tropical franchise. But don’t worry, I will tell you about pollo tropical franchise cost in this article.

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The restaurant was first opened by two brothers in 1988 in Miami, Florida. In 1993, the company started franchising with the initial offering of around 1.5 Million shares.

Note: the company does not offer franchises in the continental United States. It owns and operates every restaurant except those in the college, school or institutional licenses restaurants, etc.

Basic requirements

If you are interested in taking the pollo tropical franchise internationally, you have to meet some requirements first.

What are the requirements for getting the franchise, including pollo tropical franchise cost?

  • You should have at least five years or more experience in restaurant management.
  • You must have basic business experience
  • Marketing and advertising experience
  • You should have at least a net worth of $5 Million in the United States and greater, depending on the area you want to set up a restaurant.
  • You should have at least $5 Million in liquidity, and this depends on the size and enough capital reserves for the development plans.

You should have a determination and desire to grow and develop a profitable business.

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How much is a pollo tropical franchise?

The overall investment you require to start the business is around $125,000. This is the pollo tropical franchise cost you require to start the business.

1.If you meet all the requirements mentioned earlier, you can either go directly to the franchiser for application or contact them via email, phone, etc.

2.Once you have done everything like submitting your application, doing the necessary paperwork and contacting the franchise department, your application will go through a thorough review.

3.If your application is accepted, you will be called for training at the Miami office. Here they will teach you about the unique business model, marketing and management strategies and company guidelines that you have to follow.

4.Assistance is also provided at the time of establishment, and ongoing assistance is available through meetings, emails, newsletters, telephone communication, etc.

I have told you about pollo tropical franchise cost and everything regarding the franchise in this article. I hope this will help you. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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