Metro PCS Franchise Cost | Step By Step Guide

Metro PCS is a frontline mobile telecom network, especially used in the United States. The network offers unlimited 4G LTE wireless services on the T-mobile network without any type of contract fees. Metro PCS franchise provides great opportunity for subscribers to enjoy unlimited plans, and that too on fixed monthly fee, for texting and for talking, without any extra charge. This awesome cell phone plan permits subscribers to make use of the latest unlocked 4G smartphones from various manufacturers all over the globe.

As Metro PCS merged with T-mobile in 2013, the famous company experienced rapid growth and a high number of services all over the United States. Moreover, to become an authorized dealer can provide you with a good opportunity to create immense profit according to demand in your area and as per your location. So, if you have a keen interest in expanding or starting a wireless retail business, you need to know the valuable information about opening Metro PCS stores, so follow these steps to attain profitability.

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Steps to open metro pcs franchise

Do proper research

Before applying for Metro PCS franchise, look for your location and its market demand, a very essential factor to do. You only will be responsible for service marketing and you only will enjoy the benefits when business is flourishing, or will mourn over the loss if it crashes. So, you need to ensure the location you are considering is populated and market demand is quite high. Besides this, you should also know about basic requirements for opening PCS store, office size.

Secured capital

Make sure to have access to credit or capital, and it should be sufficient to market, start up, and operate your store properly with the gain of huge profits. Credit and capital are obtained easily when you own a better credit score along with a well structured business plan. Your business plan will not only help you to gain credit, but also will act as a blueprint and guide for your business. And, this business plan needs to have projected cash flow for around three years.

Setting up the store

While opening PCS store you need to search for a location where it could earn high revenues from every customer available in that area. Besides satisfying small needs of accessibility and space, make sure that the area is not already filled up with other Metro PCS stores, as this would immensely affect your cash flow and patronage.

Apply for dealership

After renting a desirable office, head towards the MetroPCS website and fill up the dealership form. In that form you need to fill up all the information like, company name, full name, phone number, address, email, details of your store location, your experience, and access to credit or capital. If you give sufficient information and show them that you can run a store successfully, you will get approved.

Get proper training

To start with Metro PCS franchise proper training is essential for owners and other staff, especially sales staff. You need to attain its training course along with your full sales team before starting up the business. Make sure to hire members for your sales team as early as possible, as it would become easy for you to attend sessions.

Start your store

Finally, buy merchandise that consist of accessories and cell phones, and purchase a minimum quantity first. In addition to this, you will also get some promotional items that you can showcase in your store and can use them for marketing.

Metro PCS franchise cost

If you desire to set up Metro PCS franchise then it needs an investment of around $40,000. But, how does the franchise generate income? This area is the most interesting area. For this franchise, there are tons of ways to make money. Metro PCS franchise fees grab the opportunity to earn money in very interesting ways. The major ways includes:-

Paying monthly fees

This is Metro PCS franchise fees that it charges for wireless services, and it becomes more interesting due to its millions of subscribers. Grab the opportunity to widen the network of this franchise and make it a strong brand. It doesn’t include any hidden fees for its services.

In-store sale

Another most interesting way for generating income is via sale of the devices, that also combines affordability and quality. Metro Pcs franchise cost would become high at this position. These types of sales are in-store and give away a wide range of accessories. The franchise’s accessories are pretty affordable and durable.

Provides extended services

The services of this franchise are not only limited to device’s sale and charges for the use of wireless networks. They also make use of extended services, in this they provide device protection. Such a service offers great satisfaction to every customer.

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How much is a Metro PCS franchise?

Now, here comes the most vital area for you to ponder upon. If you want to own a part of this franchise there are various Metro PCS franchise cost complications. It includes a total Metro PCS franchise fees of $150,000 along with an investment amount. You also require a liquid capital of around $100,000 and Metro PCS franchise cost starts from $25,000. Thus, you need to get in contact with franchisors for more information and for growing the business.

Why consider Metro PCS?

While searching for various franchise opportunities, their advantages form a very huge part of preference. And, this franchise presents several advantages, it offers you with affordable wireless services. You would also get to sell high quality cell phones at discount and you need not to think about how much is a Metro PCS franchise. This franchise doesn’t require any contacts and designs an appropriate level of freedom for your clients. The best part is that you would get all the support.

The franchise also offers you with proper training and effective guidance. Ultimately, you would create a strong and reliable business. Through their guidance you can make your business grow to great heights. All you need is proper planning and evaluation of various aspects and view the growth of your Metro PCS store.

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