I Feel Curious Google Trick | Fun Facts

We all feel bored because of many reasons. And to help us out, Google has introduced a cool feature to its search engine – I feel curious. This feature of google will certainly help you and can keep you busy. 

This I’m feeling curious trick is the best fit for those individuals who are also ready to learn something new. It tells about the facts many people search for but don’t get any answers to.

So To kill your boredom, all you need to do is –

  • Visiting google and searching for “I’m curious google” or “I’m feeling curious trick”.

After this, google shows you some interesting and random facts. If you wanna know about more fun facts, then just keep clicking on “ask another question”. Google will continuously show you more fun facts.

The best thing about the I’m feeling curious feature is that you will be displayed new facts every time. Google won’t show you the same fact again and again.

The things that you should know before mastering ” I feel curious” are-

I’m curious google was introduced in 2015. The feature is informative, and users can even pass their whole day with these fun facts.

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I’m feeling curious tricks

It helps people to know about various other tricks of google.

When I feel curious came into popularity, many other tricks also came up. Some of the most interesting were-

  • I’m feeling stellar.
  • I’m feeling trendy.
  • I’m feeling artistic.
  • I’m feeling generous.
  • I’m feeling doodley
  • I’m feeling puzzled.
  • I’m feeling playful.
  • I’m feeling wonderful.
  • Fun fact.

All these tricks can make your day interesting. All these tricks will give you answers according to how you’re feeling.

For example, if you are searching for “I’m feeling trendy, ” you will get the latest trends. However, these trends might vary from various niches.

The fun fact trick is more similar to I’m curious google. It also tells you interesting and funny facts.

Here are the most common facts that you can know by searching I’m curious google-

  1. What did Bruce Lee study?
  2. What is the reason behind the redness of hair?
  3. When did Halley comet appear?
  4. Which is the element that gives amethyst violet colour?

And many more facts like this. Every time you click “ask another question, ” you’ll learn about new and interesting facts.

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 It is an informative feature that can engage the audience for the whole day. I hope you have liked the information. In case you want to ask anything about this amazing feature of google, the comment section is for you.

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