Hello Kitty Cafe Franchise |Step By Step Guide

The Sanrio company is a Japanese company and it focuses on the production of goods based on famous Japanese culture. It is making products for a franchise because it is representing traditional culture in a modern way. And people are loving this. You can buy a Hello Kitty Cafe franchise if you want to.

This company focuses on trendy displays of traditional Japanese culture with icons of cute or kawaii products.

Sanrio has a vast variety of products with their uniqueness that are famous not only in Japan but in the whole world. The most popular product of Sanrio is Hello kitty. Hello Kitty is one of the best-selling brands in the world established by the company.

Hello Kitty Cafe is another food brand that was started by the Sanrio company. It is difficult for Sanrio to establish Hello Kitty cafes without any partnership so to spread its business worldwide, it is in partnership with many food brands. It also shares its franchise with those food brands. The Kokoro company ltd. is an animatronics company which is started by the Sanrio. The most popular android brand that is produced by this company is Actroid.

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Hello Kitty Cafe sells a variety of foods that are popular worldwide. Some of the foods are the:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Earl Grey
  • Chamomile, etc.

How to open a Hello Kitty Cafe?

hello kitty cafe franchise

Hello Kitty Cafe is one of the most popular and successful brands established by the Sanrio company. It has remained most profitable among other products of the company.

  • Sanrio has hello kitty cafe potent. So if you want to open a cafe then, first of all, you have to take permission from Sanrio.

Here is a story of 3 American entrepreneurs who wanted to open a Hello Kitty cafe. They tried to get permission from the Sanrio company. They continuously sent emails to the company and Sanrio allowed them after 5 years. So be prepared that you won’t get permission easily. It can take up to years.

  • If Sanrio permits you then only you can open a cafe otherwise you can’t.
  • If you are allowed then you can think about the capital required in the opening.
  • After that implement the plan that you have made to open the cafe.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to easily open a franchise of this store.

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Hello Kitty cafe franchise cost

For purchasing the Hello Kitty café franchise you can either buy Sanrio’s franchise because hello kitty is a brand of Sanrio or you can directly purchase the hello kitty franchise. Now, let’s look at the hello kitty franchise cost:

  • Hello Kitty cafe franchise cost is $1 lakh- $ 2 lakh.
  • The liquid capital required for the franchise is $1000. You should have at least $1000 with you when you are going to talk about the deal.

Hello Kitty cafe franchise is a great option for those who wanna invest in a company that will continuously give them profit. If you are fond of hello kitty cafe products then you should think about buying a franchise because you know that this franchise will not only help you in becoming financially independent but will also help you to grow and learn new things.

I hope this article will help you in solving your all doubts regarding how to open a hello kitty cafe and hello kitty cafe franchise cost.

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