Ekart Franchise Cost | Step By Step Guide

Ekart Logistics is a logistics firm in India that offers comprehensive supply chain services to both corporations and consumers. It was started in 2009 and is a part of Flipkart, which is one of the largest online stores in India. Ekart Logistics is able to meet the logistical requirements of companies of all sizes thanks to its extensive network of distribution hubs and transportation hubs. Because of its widespread success in India, several business owners have shown an interest in opening their own Ekart franchise. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to get ekart franchise, ekart franchise cost, procedure for ekart franchise apply. 

Reasons to Invest in an Ekart Logistics Franchise in India

To put it simply, eKart is a major player in India’s logistics and supply chain industries. So, there are several advantages to establishing an Ekart logistics franchise.

  • Helps with all aspects of starting and operating an Ekart franchise.
  • A Flipkart Delivery Franchise may be launched with only a little initial investment.
  • Simple terms and conditions make it easy to grasp the company’s stance.
  • Deliveries may be made all throughout India using their courier service.
  • Putting the needs of their customers first, they provide a wide variety of delivery times and methods.
  • Gains in profit are proportional to the number of deliveries made.
  • uses cutting-edge tools and the most advanced automated framework available for upkeep.

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Requirements for Starting an Ekart Logistics Franchise 

There are several conditions that must be met before you may launch an Ekart Logistics business in your area. A few examples of such needs are:

  • A business location of at least one thousand square feet, ideally in a highly visible part of town, is required.
  • Starting an Ekart Logistics franchise would need an initial investment of about INR 30–40 lakhs. This covers the franchise fee, security deposit, infrastructure setup, and working capital.
  • Get your logistics franchise registered with the municipal government and get any licenses or permissions you’ll need to open for business there.
  • To run the day-to-day franchise business, you’ll need the proper infrastructure in place, such as a computer network, printers, scanners, and other office machinery.
  • You will need to recruit, hire, and train a crew to handle the deliveries, customer service, and administrative tasks associated with running the franchise.
  • While not required, prior experience in the logistics or transportation business is a huge bonus.
  • You and your staff will both need to have their backgrounds checked to be sure nothing untoward is hiding in the shadows.

Instructions for Acquiring a Franchise with EKart 

These are the procedures for Ekart franchise apply:

  • Go to the “Franchise” area of the main Ekart Logistics website.
  • Basic information like your name, address, email address, and phone number are needed to complete the franchise application.
  • A representative from Ekart Logistics will be in touch with you once you’ve submitted the application form to talk about the franchise opportunity.
  • Following the first meeting, you’ll be asked to present a full business plan including your company’s finances, systems, personnel needs, and promotional tactics.
  • The E kart Logistics group will go over your business plan and carry out a feasibility study to see how successful a franchise in your region would be.
  • Once your franchise application is accepted, the next steps are to sign a contract, pay the ekart franchise cost, and put down a security deposit.
  • After the completion of the necessary paperwork, you will begin an in-depth training session designed to acquaint you with all aspects of Ekart Logistics’s operations, methods, and systems.

These are the basic steps for ekart franchise apply. When you have finished your franchisee training, you will be able to begin establishing your franchise’s infrastructure and staffing it with people to run the day-to-day operations.

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The cost of an Ekart franchise 

A number of variables, including geographic area, franchise size, and initial investment in necessary equipment and software, all contribute to the final price tag for opening an ekart franchise cost. Depending on the specifics of the franchise, the total cost to open an Ekart franchise may range from INR 30–40 lakhs. This covers the franchise fee, the security deposit, the initial setup of the physical location, and operating capital.

Fees for establishing an Ekart Logistics franchise are normally between INR 5-7 lakhs, with a corresponding security deposit of roughly INR 10 lakhs. Expenses for a place to work, tools, and transportation are all part of the initial infrastructure investment.

These are only estimates, and the final price tag may look quite different depending on things like the specifics of the project’s location, the state of the market, and the intensity of the competition. The franchise agreement will also include any reoccurring costs, such as royalties, advertising, and maintenance fees.

Does Ekart Delivery Provide a good Profit Margin for its franchises?

Ekart Logistics is a full-service logistics provider that works on a revenue-sharing basis with its partners to serve companies of all sizes. Many variables, including the nature of the company, the number of shipments, and the conditions of the partnership agreement, determine the proportion of profit that Ekart Delivery distributes with its partner firms.

Ekart Logistics often distributes the profits made from shipments with its business partners. The proportion might change based on the nature of the company and the frequency of its shipments. The partnership agreement will include any additional costs, such as those for handling, storage, and insurance.


In India, company owners who are interested in the logistics sector would do well to consider opening an Ekart Logistics franchise. Ekart franchise offers comprehensive logistics services to organizations of all sizes by using its extensive system of distribution hubs and transportation hubs. 

Ekart Logistics offers a broad variety of logistics services and a revenue-sharing model that might be beneficial for companies. Franchise ownership with E kart Logistics, a company with a solid track record in the logistics industry, is a great opportunity for ambitious businesspeople in India.

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