How To Start Apartment Prepping Service? Detailed Guide

Apartment prepping service helps when tenants leave a place, they sometimes leave the apartment in clean conditions and don’t do any cleaning before leaving. But before new tenants move, the apartment needs to be cleaned, well painted, holes patched, and other things should be done.

Many entrepreneurs make this an opportunity for themselves and think to start an apartment prep service. Landlords don’t have enough time to handle these tasks, so you are right about thinking of starting an apartment preparation service.

Apartment prepping service includes the following things:

  • Executing cleaning services
  • Basic repairs
  • Helping the property owners to prepare the apartment for new owners.

Apartment prep services require hard work, experience in maintaining the apartment, and working quickly and properly.

Labour do cleaning and minor repair work. The apartment preparation services business also includes washing windows and doors, filling holes, cleaning appliances, cleaning the carpets and many other things to prepare a house for living.

But before starting a prepping apartment service, there are some crucial steps that you should take to ensure success in the business.

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Required equipment in apartment prep service

The number of equipments required in an apartment prepping service business totally depends on the level of service you are planning to offer. Don’t forget that large capital of your startup will be allocated to hiring the staff, renting a place to make an office there, van to travel from one place to another with types of equipment, cleaning equipments that includes a vacuum cleaner, sponges, carpet deodorizer, sprays, garbage bags and other things that are normally required while cleaning an apartment.

While starting an apartment prep service, you also have to invest in the paints as preparation works include painting. You also need to purchase tools used in painting like rollers, trays, paintbrushes, window putty, and handy work tools, including a hammer, screwdriver, and scrapers.

You certainly need a cell phone to connect to your clients in this business.

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Marketing the service you provide

Marketing your apartment preparation service business is very important to get clients. You can’t succeed if your potential clients don’t even know that your business exists.

For marketing your business, you can do the following things:

Promoting business through online or offline ads.

Consider contacting property managers, real estate agents and apartment owners. Give your brouchers that tell about the services you provide.

Dropping at their offices and having a face-to-face conversation can be more effective.

Charge the reasonable price

You need to be very thoughtful about your apartment prep service charges. Do the research and look over how much your competitors are charging for the same services that you are offering. Don’t forget to keep your charges according to the service and approximate your competitors.

The prices you charge should be reasonable, and if the client asks for any additional service, you can ask them for additional charges.

The size of apartments and level of cleanline ss are the two major factors that affect your service prices. So just keep all the factors in mind before charging the clients.

Apartment preparation services can be profitable if you handle the business properly. I hope this article will help you get some important information about this business. If you still have any questions, you can comment, and I will try to solve your doubt.

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