Amazon: Your Package May Be Lost | 2 Things To Do

It’s not often that reliable internet retailers have problems with misplaced deliveries. Getting a message from Amazon saying “your packet may be lost” adds even more confusion.

If Amazon notifies your package may be lost, it signifies that a mistake was made somewhere between the order being processed and the product being delivered. Typically, this occurs when a third-party courier service is used for either the pickup or delivery of the item.

It’s also possible that Amazon just hasn’t gotten the delivery confirmation email yet. After making a delivery, the delivery person is required to scan the package and report that same to the Amazon executive.   If the delivery partner forgets to send confirmation, you may continue to get the notification even after you got your delivery. 

Reasons why your amazon is saying “your packet may be lost”

You will most likely be left wondering why your packet lost amazon after getting a notification of “your package may be lost”. Consequently, the following are some scenarios in which that may occur:

  • The delivery person did not take and send the firm a picture of the shipment in addition to scanning and submitting the delivery information.
  • Your shipment was not delivered to you within the expected time frame of 48 hours set by the business.
  • Your purchase could not be marked as confirmed and dispatched because the tracking information that was supposed to be included did not get uploaded properly. 

As a direct consequence of this, Amazon believes that the shipment was never sent out for delivery.

What to do if you suspect that Amazon may have lost your package 

As a result of Amazon’s collaboration with third-party merchants and courier providers, your package may be lost amazon in addition to any number of other potential problems.

1. Get in touch with customer support

As was said previously, the participation of a third party can be the reason why your shipment was misplaced. Therefore, the first thing you should do is get in touch with Amazon’s customer support in regards to the missing shipment you ordered from them.

From this point forward, Amazon will determine whether or not the corporation was liable for handling the parcel by conducting an investigation. 

In the event that a third party was involved, however, they will ask you to get in touch with the seller or the courier service so that they can help you in tracking the purchase.

2. Request a refund in case your package may be lost on amazon

  • Amazon will prompt you to submit a refund request in conjunction with the notification. To do this, just;
  • Sign in to your account with
  • Proceed to the section under “Your Orders.”
  • Select the option under “Problem with the order.”
  • Pick one issue that pertains to your purchase from the list that has been given.
  • To get this procedure started, go ahead and click the Request refund button.
  • In the area that says “text,” write any remarks you have regarding the order.
  • To finish, just click submit. 

After this, an email will be sent to confirm that your request has been received, and you will then be able to check on the progress of your refund via;

  • When you click on Your Orders.
  • Find the order that you are looking for.
  • Select the option under “Problem with the order.”

They will put the money into your account using the method of payment that you choose after they have completed the processing of your refund. In this way, you can get your money in case your package may be lost amazon. 

In the event that you have received a refund from Amazon but your product has been sent, you may get in touch with Amazon and inform them that your package has been sent.

They will provide you with instructions on whether they will send a courier to pick up the item and return it to their offices or if you may keep it in your possession until they make a decision.

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Final Thoughts 

To summarize, if Amazon tells you that your delivery may be lost, it only indicates that they haven’t verified whether or not you’ve gotten your product.

They will tell you to submit a refund request, but before you do so, you must get in touch with their customer support to find out where your shipment is lost. 

You have the option of submitting a refund request in the event that your shipment cannot be located, delivery was attempted but failed, or it was sent to the incorrect address.

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